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Henry Latter
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Low Back Pain

Patrick P.

What it was like before you came to see us?

I had various minor problems due to injuries such as foot and shoulder pain.  My major problem was my lower back.  I would experience shooting pains each morning in my lower back when I woke up and began to move around.  I always just blamed it on too much time spent on the couch.

How is it now?

My lower back is much improved.  I rarely wake up feeling any pain.  The stretches and exercises I have learned from Total Life Care, along with regular adjustments have exceeded my expectations.  I plan to continue to see them for adjustments, and massages to maintain the improvements that I have made.

Bell's Palsy

Patty P.

I met the staff at TLC at Citadel Mall in 2002.  I already had a chiropractor, but was not satisfied with his service because I always felt worse when I left his office.  So after sufferring for more than I care to admit, I finally contacted TLC.  They were more than happy to work around my schedule.  On my first visit, I met with the Doctors and had an extensive consultation.  They proceeded to tell me how we were going to fix the problem.  I can remember being in tears when I walked into their office with pain in my lower back and neck that was so excrutiating that I could not stand to be me.  The staff at TLC not only adjusted me, but they also took steps to detoxify my system, and within three weeks I was fully recovered. 

When I walk into the office, they always make sure that I feel as if I am their most important patient.  I LOVE the staff at TLC, and I recommend TLC every time someone is looking for a Chiropractor!


Joanne P.

A friend of a friend suggested Chiropractic Care.  Are they nuts?  How can they help me?  Well, I've got nothing to lose so I'll try it!  WOW, the first adjustment helped my neck, shoulders and back.  My muscles didn't like all that moving around and they got even.  My ribs were out of line and Dr. Guy popped them in; I felt instant relief.  Can you believe that after 10 years of suffering, I have instant relief?  After treatment twice a week my back is now straight and I can stand upright.  Day by day and week by week, I am improving.  Hopelessness is the greatest cause for depression, but now I HAVE HOPE.

Hiatal Hernia

Hank C.

What it was like before you came in to see us?

Miserable...to say the least.  My Allopathic GI Specialist neglected to tell me that a hiatal hernia showed up on my test results.  I had lost about 30 pounds, could not taste, look or smell food without becoming nauseated. 

How is it now?

Dr. Guy literally pushed the hernia away with his hands. I ate a steak, cornbread, beans, zucchini, and a salad that night and have had a much better quality of life.

Plantar fasciitis

Jeanne H

A friend of mine told me about TOTAL Life Care and Dr. Guy because of my continuing battle with Plantar Fasciitis. My friend's husband had a very bad case of it as well and began seeing Dr. Guy and his feet were free of pain in a short amount of time due to Dr. Guy's treatments.

I decided I needed to see Dr. Guy as well since I had been dealing with the most horrific pain in both of my feet for almost 10 months due to Plantar Fasciitis. I truly could not walk normally and every step was excruciating painful. I was even put in an orthotic "boot" (removable cast) and given several cortisone injections by my orthopedist. The boot minimally cushioned my walk and the injections relieved the pain for a month or so.

My first visit to Dr. Guy was in the beginning of March 2010. He treated me as if I was the only patient in the office and spent a great deal of time listening to my description of my foot pain. He asked a lot of questions that I never thought a chiropractor would have the time nor care to ask! Then came my first treatment for my Plantar Fasciitis. I will not tell a lie-it was very painful. The good news is I stuck to the schedule for visits to Dr. Guy as he suggested as well as diligently and thoroughly doing my foot exercises he told me to do at home. Within 12 weeks, I was wearing "normal" shoes, walking pain free, and even getting out and doing things that I was not able to do due to my Plantar Fasciitis (playing basketball, walking my dogs, swimming, gardening, and last but not least working at my job pain free!). My only regret is that I did not go to Dr. Guy at the onset of my Plantar Fasciitis. Instead I was in constant pain for 10 months. He brought new meaning to what healthy feet should feel like! Thank you, Dr. Guy!



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